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Anonymous asked: you should do a nose tutorial b/c how????????????



Noses are my enemy, I won’t lie about it! Although strangely enough, even so I enjoy drawing them. So let’s talk about noses for a minute.

I used to ignore the details of noses for many many years, which is what made them so frustrating for me because I didn’t quite understand them. So let’s understand noses.


(Nice face there, Dan Stevens) Noses. Ooh, so frustrating. So let’s break it down!


So, we’ve got the idea of the shape, right? So let’s start working this stuff into drawings.



(Hi Anders! Sorry about the no nose thing…)

Anders’s nose is great for this perspective, especially when he’s snarling! (such scare)



Triangle shapes! We’ve got an idea for the shape of his nose, but where do we even begin with shaping it? The circle of course. (No not the Circle of Magi, that would only make Anders angrier) We start with the circle and move up from there. As I had shown you above. I just applied that method to Anders’s nose here!

imageLooks more like a nose now, right? But round it out when you do the lineart, we can’t leave it as sharp as a knife here.


But colors! Okay so color may help here, so I’ve gone to the trouble.


Shade underneath.


Round it out, soften it up!


More softening, reflective light.


Let’s add a bit of pink in there. (dude u got a cold??) But oh, it’s highlights are a bit out of sorts now.


Make it shine bright like Rudolf the Reindeer’s nose. //slapped

So there it is. A nice, beautiful nose that is Anders’s nose. But remember, try not to stick to my method right down to it’s teeth, kay? If you do that, you’ll only frustrate yourself when you find that it doesn’t quite work for you. Play with it a bit until it’s comfortable for you.


But take time to examine your nose! Look at noses! Then try drawing them. And keep in mind practice makes perfect, so keep drawing until you’re satisfied (you don’t even have to be happy about it tbh I get angry about noses all the time)

I hope this was a little helpful! uou

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